Welcome to the Mississippi Reading Association

Our purpose is to serve the state of Mississippi in the improvement of literacy. Our challenge is to provide leadership in literary practices and share our abilities with others to provide quality services for our students, parents, teachers and administrators. The Mississippi Reading Association is an affiliate of the International Reading Association.

Goal 1: Literacy
To support the efforts of teachers in the utilization of sound teaching practices in literacy. To promote and encourage the growth of literacy as a lifelong accomplishment for the citizenry of Mississippi. To promote and encourage sound literacy research.

Goal 2: Professional Development
To encourage quality professional development for literacy professionals. To encourage local councils to actively support and provide training to local schools. To maintain a recognition program for members for outstanding service to MRA, IRA, and the local councils.

Goal 3: Advocacy
To develop a strategic agenda for advocacy to further support teachers in the use of sound teaching practices in the area of literacy. To develop a state presence as a professional organization.

Goal 4: Awards
To continue to complete requirements for awards outlined by MRA Bylaws. To research ways to utilize MRA funds as awards that support the purposes of the organization. 

Goal 5: Technology
To develop a website that will provide support and enhance communciation. To utilize technology and connectivity to encourage international projects.